HBO’s Silicon Valley

I spent a good chunk of the morning yesterday with the writers of HBO’s Silicon Valley ( They are collecting ideas for Season 3, and they found their way to my office as their legal sounding board.

I must confess that I LOVE the show. I have never been a big TV watcher – in fact those who know me best tease me for having little clue about contemporary TV (other than that which appears on the Discovery Channel ( or 60 Minutes ( But, this show captivates me, and I now have a true appreciation for why — the writers are absolutely brilliant! Sharp, witty, open-minded, and engaging.

My day as a startup lawyer is often filled with many meetings during which I talk with entrepreneurs and investors about complex legal issues, and play out various complex deal scenarios and negotiations.  My meeting yesterday with the SV writers was no exception.  Yet, despite the fact that these folks do not live in this strange world of fast moving startups and high risk investing, they were REMARKABLY literate and nimble in understanding very complex concepts and asking uniquely insightful questions.

So, I am very eager to see what they conjure up for Season 3, although I am confident it will not only be entertaining, unpredictable, hilarious, but also legally plausible.


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